May 15, 2009

Kelly Wells

After this scene was complete, Kelly Wells became the reigning "Queen Of All Ass-Eaters" if you ask us here at ESA. Goddam Kelly Wells is one dirty bung gobblin' tramp.. she just about overpowered our assman with her off-the-cuff statements like "get that ass up here, I wanna see what you had for breakfast" and other classics like: "Can I have some RUMP MEAT?", "Let me eat that MANHOLE", "I've got the munchies for Ass Crack" and "You man-bitch.. takin a tongue right up your asshole.. you're a bitch to my tongue!"- that's just the stuff that comes naturally from Kelly's warped mind- we didn't tell her to do that shit- we just put her in front of the cornhole and let her go. Our man Maui was having trouble holding his load back it was so fuckin hot- in the end he geysers her down with a nice thick load, which she lolled around in her mouth for awhile, then spat it back over his asshole and lapped it up. No coaching.. we are in awe.. Long Live The Queen. MORE