Jul 20, 2009

Marketa horny ass watcher!

What an incredibly horny ass watcher! During a stroll she gets the offer of a lifetime. And one hole isn't enough for this little slut. Quickly she licks both asses clean. Very good performance! SEE FREE VIDEO

Jun 17, 2009


Our reporter is out on the streets looking for people who want to have some perverted sex in front of the camera. The first couple he meets doesn't seem te be very interested but when he waves 500 Euro in their faces they quickly change their mind!
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A hot blond is invited to do a sex documentary. She has to have sex with two men in front of the camera. The little slut has no problem with this and has herself fucked in the ass. When her butthole is stretched up she takes both dicks into her mouth. To top it al up she has the guys covering her in sperm from top to bottom. SEE FREE VIDEO


Marketa is a cheeky girl who simple loves sex. Her tongue was brown before she even came in. Just stick your ass up in the air and she will lick it thoroughly clean. A 10 for the performance and an 8 for the effort! SEE FREE VIDEO


Red haired sluts can lick like nobody can! Veronica, who has just ran away from home, licks the chocolate out of both holes. And to keep her going she has two dicks shoved into her! SEE FREE VIDEO


When the brothers see this Pauline they are convinced they have to offer her a job. At first it seems that she isn't interested but when Dries shows her the money her tongue is deep into their assholes soon enough!

Valerie - Super horny Valerie is sad

Super horny Valerie is sad. Her boyfriend has just left her. But the brother convince her they have everything she needs. She shoves her soft, salmon pink tongue into both assholes. And to finish it off a double penetration!

Katharina and the ass brothers

Another nice slut looking for a job! After some hesitation she goes all the way. And when the standard job of ass licking has been done she is fucked deep and hard in all her holes!

May 27, 2009

Victoria Rose on the double dicks

SpunkMouth’s got another exotic hottie for you- feast your eyeballs on hardbody nubile Victoria Rose. Victoria is the latest installment from Spunkmouth International- 19 years old and skilled in the ways of pole smoking. In this scene Victoria starts out servicing one random guy, then SUPRISE, her comes cock number two for ya. Victoria doesn’t skip a beat and goes to town on the double dicks. That doesn’t seem to be enough, as cocksman number three walks on set and plops his cock in her mouth. Victoria works the trifecta like a champ while she gets her pussy worked as she services the two dongs on her mouth end. Then of course, hot little Victoria Rose gets beaned in the mouth with one load.. two loads.. three loads a lady for a nice thick and proper SpunkMouth :) Enjoy Brothers..

May 15, 2009

Meet Alexa Lynn- champion ass eating floozie

Meet Alexa Lynn- champion ass eating floozie. Alexa ups the ante in this one, burying her face in not one, but TWO sweaty asses, and BLACK ones at that. She works these dudes butts like its her last drink of water, in positions only an experienced ass lapper would attempt. Between bunghole sessions she is worked up and down on these guys giant black dongs, switching from cock to cock and ass to ass before finally getting two chunky loads to her eager mouth. A Classic. MORE

Kelly Wells

After this scene was complete, Kelly Wells became the reigning "Queen Of All Ass-Eaters" if you ask us here at ESA. Goddam Kelly Wells is one dirty bung gobblin' tramp.. she just about overpowered our assman with her off-the-cuff statements like "get that ass up here, I wanna see what you had for breakfast" and other classics like: "Can I have some RUMP MEAT?", "Let me eat that MANHOLE", "I've got the munchies for Ass Crack" and "You man-bitch.. takin a tongue right up your asshole.. you're a bitch to my tongue!"- that's just the stuff that comes naturally from Kelly's warped mind- we didn't tell her to do that shit- we just put her in front of the cornhole and let her go. Our man Maui was having trouble holding his load back it was so fuckin hot- in the end he geysers her down with a nice thick load, which she lolled around in her mouth for awhile, then spat it back over his asshole and lapped it up. No coaching.. we are in awe.. Long Live The Queen. MORE

Jaime Elle has a 21-year old ass you would think was injection

Good Gosh- Jaime Elle has a 21-year old ass you would think was injection-molded in some factory somewhere- you could bounce a quarter off of that beatiful thing! Whats even better is that world-class ass is connected to a drop dead gorgeous porn girl who is SUPER FILTHY. In fact, Jaime is sooo dirty she'll pucker right up to some dude's butthole for her "model rate" despite the fact that she wouldn't do it in her private life.. make sense? Of course not- but then who cares what these porn chick's logic is when you, the dear EatSomeAss member, can scooch your chair right up and enjoy her diving facefirst betwixt two sweaty asscheeks and needn't boggle your brain over the details :) Anyway- back to Jaime and the random steed we hooked her up with- she hadn't met the guy but 5 minutes prior to shooting the scene, but that didn't stop her from sampling his bunghole once the cameras got rolling. Turns out this dude had a rod on him the size of a SCUD missile and he did an excellent job unleashing that beast on Jaime's mouth and pussy. After a couple good dirtbox cleansing sessions, our man cocked that rod back and let his payload fly all over sweet little Jaime's mug- and oh man, the Semenal Aftermath of that one must be seen to be believed. Enjoy my brothers! MORE

Heidi Mayne - professional ass gobbler

Gentlemen, we've got another blonde butt muncher for your stroking pleasure :) Feast your eyes on the lovely Heidi Mayne - professional ass gobbler. Heidi is the type of girl that doesn't bat an eyelash when she's got a winkin pink browniecake sittin in front of her face- in fact, that's usually her que to fire up her tongue and start lickin :) Heidi worked our man's thick dark rod for a bit before settlin in to her position as cornhole slobber. Then it was back to switch hittin between balls and butthole. When she was finisher performing her oral-anal duties she was rewarded with a massively healthy load of warm spunk splattered across her dumper divin' mouth- enjoy bros! MORE

Jaelyn Fox is eating an ass for us boys

Dudes- every once in awhile we here at Eat Some Ass come across a real gem. A today I'd like to introduce you to a true find- wrap your filthy mind around Miss Jaelyn Fox. Jaelyn is a teen beauty- just oozing sex. And Jaelyn is BRAND FUCKIN NEW to the porno game. But that's just the beginning- Jaelyn is also an EXTRA nasty girl- nasty enough to nosedive that sexy teen newbie face into a guy's sweaty ass and make like a woodpecker. See Jaelyn is hot enough to be doing the "new girl in porn" thing- taking it slow, doing vanilla boy/girl scenes and riding off her hot teen looks. But oh no- Jaelyn Fox is eating an ass for us boys, showing off that sleazy side, chowing down on some dumper. And that's just how we like it, eh gentlemen? Enjoy Brothers! ..Did I mention she sucks a mean cock and took a jizz slopping to the face? MORE

Miss Scarlett Pain to do the dumper diving

Goddamm this is one badass butt-eatin scene! First off, we've got Miss Scarlett Pain to do the dumper diving, and believe me when I tell you- this chick is fuckin crazy. Now normally, I tend to shy away from the alternative indy-tattoo types, but with Scarlett I made an exception, and here's why: first she's cute as a button. A sweet little redhead with a fucked up nasty streak. Second, she's got an amazing all-natural pair of titties that I love to watch jiggle around as she's gettin worked with cock. Third, and most importantly- Scarlett's life calling is to LICK CORNHOLE. I swear, this girl is a fuckin bung eating phenom. She actually called ME up and ASKED to be on Eat Some Ass because she rubs off to the site in her private life. No kidding- this chick's biggest kink is smashing her face into the dirtbox of strangers.. so who was I to deny her dream? To top it all off, I got Spoonie to stop by and give it to her real hard- the load that dude chucked onto cute lil' Scarlett's face is one for the record books.. she just gets DUMPED ON. That sweet little face really went through the ringer in this one! Enjoy Miss Scarlett Pain, professional asshole sucker. MORE